Prosecutor Office


120 W. Main St. Suite 100
Hours: 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Phone: (419) 238-1166
Fax: (419) 238-4049

Eva YargerEva J. Yarger, Prosecuting Attorney

Kelly J. Rauch Steven L. Diller
Chief Asst Prosecutor/Child Support Enforcement Adult Felony
(419) 238-1166 (419) 238-5025
Dillon W. Staas, IV Charles F. Koch
Adult Felony/Juvenile Division Civil Division
(419) 238-0180 (419) 238-0014


The Prosecutor’s Office is responsible for upholding the law, providing representation to county agencies, and assisting victims.  Our Adult Felony Division aggressively prosecutes felony cases each year, from Grand Jury through the appeal process.  The Juvenile Division handles all juvenile offenders in Van Wert County at both the felony and misdemeanor level.  The Civil Division legally represents and assists county agencies and townships.

In addition to these daily roles, the Van Wert County Prosecutor’s Office also works with Crime Victim Services and Children’s Services in order to help protect Van Wert County citizens.  Child Support Enforcement is also an ongoing responsibility of the Prosecutor’s Office.


Helpful Resources:

Van Wert Victims of Crime                            (419) 238-9800

Child Support Enforcement Agency              (419) 238-9566

Department of Job & Family Services/

Children Services                                          (419) 238-5430

Van Wert County Common Pleas Court        (419) 238-6935

Van Wert County Juvenile Court                   (419) 238-1118

Van Wert Municipal Court                             (419) 238-5767

Van Wert County Treasurer                            (419) 238-5177

Common Pleas Probation Department          (419) 238-2825